MUST HEAR: Ghetts X Rude Kid ‘653’ EP

When you’re talking about top Grime artists, Ghetts has to get a mention.

Remember back to 2010 when Ghetts released his Calm Before The Storm project, full of grime classics with that authentic old school Grime sound (Artillery, Trained To Kill, Skadoosh etc). Well fast forward to 2015 and Ghetts & Rude Kid have just raised the levels in the Grime scene with the 653 EP.

Now we all know when Ghetts and Rude Kid team up we’re guaranteed to get that pure fire, but this really raises the bar sky high! It sounds like Ghetto is back – no more J Clarke, no more Ghetts, just that authentic Grime flow that we’re so used to hearing from Ghetto.

If you’re a grime fan old or new, there will definitely be something on the EP that you will like. Every track is full of energy and, sat here listening to it, I feel like a DJ on a Grime set the amount of times I’ve wheeled up and repeated every single track. If I had to pick one standout track from the EP though, it would have to be ‘Balaclava’.

As an added bonus for all the Grime artists out there who fell like testing their ability on the mic, the EP includes the instrumental to one of the featured tracks, ‘One Take’.

Ghetts & Rude Kid’s 365 EP is out now and you can download your copy on iTunes here.

Lewis Baker