New Track: ‪Arrows Of Love – ‘Pretend Friends’

Arrows Of Love are a five piece riot-punk band, well known for their rowdy and raucous live shows. Having already released their debut LP Everything’s Fucked in 2014, the band are set to record their second in July this year. For sure, we will be hearing a lot more from this riotous lot.

The band’s new track, ‘Pretend Friends’, starts off with its recurring main three-chord riff – a truly slashing and wild entrance to the song. This thrashing ceases for a moment as a moody, thumping bass line takes centre stage, stripping right back before a thunderous exit section destructs the song with an annihilating climax.

The overall slow tempo drifts throughout the track, filling the atmosphere with an eerie and sinister feeling. This aura is portrayed within the track’s lyrics -“Your smile and your teeth, they hide what’s beneath” and “We could be friends, but right now, I’d rather sit and watch you drown”.

The synergy of these lyrics and the way they are presented over the track conveys the grittiness of dirt-filled nails grappling against you in a ferocious manner. It grabbed me, and I love it!

If you like Pixies or Queens Of The Stone Age, you’re going to love this too! If this track speaks for what will be filling Arrows Of Love’s second LP, I most certainly can’t wait. Make sure you check the video out (directed by Fat White Family collaborator, Skogr) and give this lot a listen; it’ll be worth your while.

‘Pretend Friends’ is out now.


Warren Allett

Warren Allett

Warren Allett

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