New Track: Benedict Benjamin – ‘My Feet Have No Need For The Ground’

London-based Benedict Benjamin (Benedict Rubinstein) releases his debut album Night Songs on March 25th. This incredibly individual LP features the brand new single ‘My Feet Have No Need For The Ground’. Somehow, this track blends the genres of folk, rock and country – with a dash of dreamy, psychedelic tones – in an extremely successful manner.

Despite having sad lyrics, the song is performed in a major key, acting as a complete uplift to the track in general.

Positively beginning the track on alternating simplistic acoustic chords, the angelic tones of Rubinstein’s voice enhance the full potential of the song. Through the progression of the track, this melodic approach to the single continues – only emphasising the crescendo appearing towards the conclusion.

Gradually leading into an increasingly electrified and harmonised conclusion, the track closes to an abrupt halt. Altogether, the track supplies a mixture of both pleasing sounds and lyrics. Using a diverse range of instruments not only compliments Benedict’s vocals, but enhances the whole sound of the track.

Benedict Benjamin clearly possess great talent, and this single certainly shows it.

Lottie Stuart

Photo Credit: Ed Duffield

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