New Track: House Points – ‘I Don’t Like You’

Slamming straight into the midst of House Points’ latest track, the introduction of ‘I Don’t Like You’ is utterly life-affirming. With the band’s earthy, raw sound they resemble the likes of Palma Violets – though just slightly smoother around the edges.

As guitar chords change just before the bridge, lyrics build and the tension rises. Clashing chords throughout display the band’s musicality, and work smoothly despite standing out from the rest of the music and its distantly fading vocals. Noticeably, the distorted singing switches to the highest pitch towards the ending of the track, acting as the highlight of the ‘I Don’t Like You’.

Their simple yet universally relatable lyrics will appeal to a wide audience, while the catchy hook is repeated throughout ensuring greatness throughout the entire duration.

From this track alone, it’s clear that we’re going to be hearing a lot more from this Brighton foursome in the future.

‘I Don’t Like You’ is out now and you can find out more about House Points on their Facebook page.

Lottie Stuart

Artwork: John Lihou 

Lottie Stuart

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