NEW TRACK: TRASH – ‘Workout’

Chesterfield boys TRASH have been smashing it since day one, but new single ‘Workout’ is easily their best since debut single ‘Hot Coffee’. At least some form of exercise is guaranteed due to continuous hitting of the replay button.

‘Workout’ is three and a half minutes of reluctant energy, smashing guitars and Dan Longmore’s relaxed vocal style. “Some things fail to work out in the end” is the first we hear from the frontman; the subtle sense of longing and melancholy of this introduction becoming less significant as the song progresses into its chorus concerned with only drinking, going with the flow and lush harmonies.

Uncontrollable guitars crescendo, the drums clash as they join – this last smash of the track is as raucous as TRASH has ever been.  Last year’s 4 Miles EP was a wonderful collection of songs, but nothing like the force and stamina as this new track. In the direction they’re heading, something brilliant is certainly on the horizon.

‘Workout’ is out TODAY via Clue Records. Go buy it!

Photo Credit: Susannah Burton, Radsound

Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

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