NEWS: Black Marble's - Bigger Than Life album review

NEWS: Black Marble’s – Bigger Than Life album review

Musically Black Marble are firmly dipped in 80’s pop electro section. Reviving a period of music acquainted by China Crisis, Prefab Sprout and Depeche Mode with stamp of the bands own making, Bigger Than Life exhibits a well versed band on the verge of breaking through into the mainstream, you can imagine Black Marble fitting in perfectly with the bands that feature of Later…with Jools Holland, holding the crowd in the palm of their hands.

Opening lo fi track Never Tell breezes into view with a bouncy Years & Years vibe, vocalist Chris Stewart belts out the love torn lyrics ‘I never met a normal girl, who kept bones under her bed’. Mysterious lyrics are part and parcel of this release my mind bending charmingly playful lyrics. One Eye Open travels at a 100mph in the fast lane with a repetitive rhythm beating in the background as you become mesmerised within the grasps of their hypnotic anthems.

The overall feeling on the album is summery and poptastic, something that will no doubt lighten the mood as the nights are now drawing in. Grey Eyeliner sparkles with an emotional outburst whilst Black Driver holds a bass line right out of the top draw of Peter Hooks back catalogue. There is even a nod towards retro movie soundtracks with Feels adopting a singular repetitive beat that would fit ideally in a remake of Miami Vice. Overall a popular album that will lift the load on the downhearted and make the grey skies blue.

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