NEWS: Eddie Piller presents British Mod Sounds of the 1960s

NEWS: Eddie Piller presents British Mod Sounds of the 1960s

 Eddie Piller presents British Mod Sounds of the 1960s

 Compiled by influential founder of the Acid Jazz label and The Modcast

 A 100-track collection including rare and obscure material  

Available as a black vinyl six-LP set with a signed print and a clear vinyl set available exclusively through Indie Stores

A four-CD set in A5 Media Book and a 34-track, 2 LP Black / Red & Blue vinyl Sets

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Following the huge acclaim of last year’s Eddie Piller presents The Mod Revival, On 4th February Demon Music Group will release Eddie’s British Mod Sounds of The 1960s.

Capturing the essence of ‘60s Modernism, throughout 100 tracks over six LPs / four CDs, British Mod Sounds of The 1960s takes a deep and detailed dive into the music and scene which has been the raison d’etre of Eddie’s adult life.

With an inquisitive passion for music, and a family connection to Mod royalty The Small Faces (Eddie’s mum ran the Small Faces’ fan club), Eddie Piller began his public love affair with Mod when in 1979 he co-founded Mod Revival fanzine Extraordinary Sensations. In the years since these humble beginnings, tireless enthusiasm has seen Piller become a legendary figure within the music industry setting up and continuing to own the ground-breaking Acid Jazz record label, signing multi-platinum artists such as Jamiroquai and The Brand New Heavies, collaborating on compilations with Martin Freeman and as an award-winning broadcaster setting up his own Totally Wired Radio station.

Every great youth cult deserves a great soundtrack, and when the ’60s Mods adopted classic American R&B, with a side order of hip Jazz, they undoubtedly found the right music for their exuberant and stylish way of life. And yet, buying expensive imports, hoping for a local release or praying for a rare visit from overseas talent was never going to be enough to satisfy British youth with a thirst for the latest sounds. Certainly not those on the dancefloor and definitely not those with their own musical ambitions.

It was a music scene that began with imitation, before skill and imagination lead curious minds to innovation, a scene that evolved from average (at best) copies of releases on the Chess, Motown and Stax labels, to become something more sophisticated, something quite unique, something very British.

As Eddie points out in the foreword to Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson’s exceptional and extensive sleevenotes, he chose the word ‘Sounds’ carefully, reflecting the variety of talent contained here, from uncool session musicians without an ounce of style in them, acts who saw an opportunity to jump on the Mod bandwagon, and bands who whole-heartedly embraced the Mod way of life.

And so this new collection mixes the Mod mainstays (the Small Faces, The Who in embryonic form as The High Numbers, The Action, The Fleur De Lys), with a generous selection of future superstars (David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Marc Bolan, Jeff Beck and Graham Gouldman of 10cc are all represented here), and a few artists so obscure, so rare, that they never got to release a record in the ’60s, but Eddie has managed to track down the tapes nonetheless.

Alongside the 100-track six LP or four CD sets, Eddie has also curated a 34-track highlights package, for those listeners who only want ‘the hits’, or just to dip a toe in the Mod waters. All formats are stylishly packaged (of course) and include the aforementioned sleevenotes by Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson, author of the best-selling and highly regarded books ‘Mods: The New Religion’ and ‘Mod Art’.

Eddie never stopped being a Mod and has a unique perspective, having now lived through four decades of being intimately involved in the music that has emerged from the scene. British Mod Sounds of The 1960s is not only a fantastic listen, but also an essential collection for any fan of all things Mod and a testament to one man’s burning passion, having kept the faith for over 40 years.

Format details:

DEMRECBOX63 (6 LP Set on 140 gm Black Vinyl with signed print) UPC 5014797905993

DEMREXBOX63X (6 LP Set on 140gm Clear Vinyl, Indie Exclusive) UPC 5014797906006

EDSL0091 (4 CD Set in A5 Media Book) UPC 740155729134

EDSL0091X (4 CD Set in A5 Media Book, signed Amazon edition)

DEMREC993 (2 LP Set on 140gm Black Vinyl) UPC 5014797907034

DEMRECX993X (2 LP Set on 140gm Red and Blue Vinyl) UPC 5014797907041 


6 LP and 4 CD* Set

(*Track listing and sequence is identical for both formats. CD 1 contains tracks on LP Sides A, B and C. CD2 contains tracks on LP Sides D, E and F. CD 3 contains tracks on LP Sides G, H and I. CD 4 contains tracks on LP Sides J, K and L).

LP1. Side A.

  1. The High Numbers ‘I’m The Face’
  2. The Bo Street Runners  ‘Bo Street Runner’
  3. Cyril Davies & His R&B Allstars   ‘Country Line Special’
  4. Tom Jones ‘Chills And Fever’
  5. John Mayall & The Blues Breakers ‘Crawling Up A Hill’
  6. The Koobas ‘You Better Make Up Your Mind’
  7. John’s Children  ‘Desdemona’
  8. Shyster  ‘Tick Tock’
  9. Billie Davis ‘Wasn’t It You’

LP1. Side B.

  1. The Hollies ‘Bus Stop’
  2. All Night Workers ‘Tell Daddy’
  3. Kenny Lynch ‘What Am I To You’
  4. The Frays ‘My Babe’
  5. The Shots ‘Keep A Hold Of What You Got’
  6. Mike Stevens & The Shevelles ‘The Go-Go Train’
  7. P.P. Arnold ‘(If You Think You’re) Groovy’
  8. Dusty Springfield ‘Little By Little’

LP2. Side C.

  1. The Poets ‘Wooden Spoon’
  2. The Muleskinners ‘Backdoor Man’
  3. Jimmy Winston & His Reflections ‘Sorry She’s Mine’
  4. Rod Stewart ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl’
  5. The Yardbirds ‘Over Under Sideways Down’
  6. Bluesology ‘Come Back Baby’
  7. James Royal ‘A Little Bit Of Rain’
  8. The Rocking Vicars ‘It’s Alright’

LP2. Side D.

  1. The Fleur De Lys ‘Circles’
  2. David Bowie ‘Can’t Help Thinking About Me’
  3. Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames ‘Sweet Thing’
  4. Small Faces ‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’
  5. Tony And Tandy   ‘Two Can Make It Together’
  6. Jimmy James & The Vagabonds  ‘Ain’t No Big Thing’
  7. Episode Six ‘Put Yourself In My Place’
  8. Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band ‘Michael (The Lover)’

LP3. Side E.

  1. Dog Soul ‘Big Bird’
  2. The Organisers   ‘The Organiser’ (feat. Harold Smart)
  3. Rod Stewart & P.P. Arnold ‘Come Home Baby’
  4. Wynder K. Frog  ‘Henry’s Panter’
  5. The Alan Bown Set ‘Emergency 999’
  6. The Soul Agents   ‘Seventh Son’
  7. Timebox ‘Soul Sauce’
  8. Harold McNair  ‘The Hipster’

LP3. Side F.

  1. The Spencer Davis Group ‘High Time Baby’
  2. The Zombies ‘Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself’
  3. Manfred Mann  ‘Don’t Ask Me What I Say’
  4. The Top Six ‘I’m A Man’
  5. Love Affair ‘Everlasting Love’
  6. Madeline Bell ‘Picture Me Gone’
  7. Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers ‘Good Times’
  8. The Beazers ‘Blue Beat’
  9. The Penny Blacks ‘I’m Coming Home To You’

LP4. Side G.

  1. The Syndicats   ‘Crawdaddy Simone’
  2. The Attack   ‘Magic In The Air’
  3. The Kinks  ‘She’s Got Everything’
  4. The Clique  ‘Ooh Poo Pah Doo’
  5. The Truth  ‘Who’s Wrong’
  6. The Artwoods    ‘I Take What I Want’
  7. The Creation   ‘Makin’ Time’
  8. The Sorrows   ‘Take A Heart’

LP4. Side H.

  1. The meddyEvils                                 ‘Ma’s Place’
  2. The Birds ‘How Can It Be’
  3. The Eyes ‘I’m Rowed Out’
  4. The Sneekers ‘Bald Headed Woman’
  5. The Untamed ‘My Baby Has Gone’
  6. The Quik ‘Bert’s Apple Crumble’
  7. The Move ‘You’re The One I Need’
  8. The Mark Four ‘I’m Leaving’
  9. The Gods ‘Garage Man’

LP5. Side I.

  1. Waygood Ellis ‘I Like What I’m Trying To Do’
  2. The Nocturnes ‘Hay, That’s What Horses Eat’
  3. The Mojos ‘Everything’s Alright’
  4. The Wards Of Court ‘How You Can Say One Thing’
  5. Platform Six ‘Money Will Not Mean A Thing’
  6. The Silence ‘Down Down’
  7. Apostolic Intervention  ‘Madame Garcia’
  8. The Deejays ‘Black Eyed Woman’

LP5. Side J.

  1. The Action ‘Never Ever’
  2. The Carnaby ‘Jump And Dance’
  3. The Riot Squad  ‘Anytime’
  4. The Spectres ‘(We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet’
  5. The Mike Cotton Sound    ‘Soul Serenade’
  6. Sharon Tandy ‘Hold On’
  7. Quiet Melon ‘Engine 4444’
  8. Ossie Layne Show ‘Midnight Hour 

LP6. Side K.

  1. Dave And The Diamonds ‘Think About Love’
  2. Fearns Brass Foundry ‘Don’t Change It’
  3. Simon Dupree & The Big Sound   ‘Reservations’
  4. The Habits ‘Elbow Baby’
  5. Maxine ‘A Love I Believe In’
  6. The Blue Rondos ‘Baby I Go For You’
  7. The Mindbenders ‘The Morning After’
  8. The Shapes Of Things ‘Striving’
  9. Wainwright’s Gentlemen ‘And That’s Just Like Me’

LP5. Side L.

  1. The Richard Kent Style   ‘I’m Out’
  2. Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs ‘No Matter How You Slice It’
  3. The Afex ‘She’s Got The Time’
  4. Syd’s Crowd ‘Times Are Good Babe’
  5. Tony Colton ‘Further On Down The Track’
  6. The Troop ‘You’ll Call My Name’
  7. Razor ‘It’s A Hard Way But It’s My Way’
  8. Dave Anthony’s Moods   ‘New Directions’

Track Listing (2LP Set)

LP1. Side A.

  1. The High Numbers ‘I’m The Face’
  2. The Action  ‘Never Ever’
  3. The Hollies ‘Bust Stop’
  4. Small Faces ‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’
  5. Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames  ‘Sweet Thing’
  6. Tony And Tandy  ‘Two Can Make It Together’
  7. Jimmy James & The Vagabonds ‘Ain’t No Big Thing’
  8. Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band ‘Michael (The Lover)’
  9. The Artwoods ‘I Take What I Want’

LP1. Side B.

  1. Dusty Springfield  ‘Little By Little’
  2. The Richard Kent Style  ‘I’m Out’
  3. Bluesology   ‘Come Back Baby’
  4. Wynder K. Frog  ‘Henry’s Panter’
  5. The Organisers  ‘The Organiser’ (feat. Harold Smart)
  6. Timebox ‘Soul Sauce’
  7. The Spencer Davis Group ‘High Time Baby’
  8. The Syndicats ‘Crawdaddy Simone’

 LP2. Side C.

  1. The Fleur De Lys  ‘Circles’
  2. Rod Stewart     ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl’
  3. The Yardbirds ‘Over Under Sideways Down’
  4. The Birds    ‘How Can It Be ‘
  5. The Creation   ‘Makin’ Time’
  6. The Carnaby  ‘Jump And Dance’
  7. The Eyes   ‘I’m Rowed Out’
  8. The Kinks  ‘She’s Got Everything’

LP2. Side D. 

  1. The Mike Cotton Sound   ‘Soul Serenade’
  2. John Mayall & The Blues Breakers  ‘Crawling Up A Hill’
  3. The Alan Bown Set   ‘Emergency 999’
  4. The Quik  ‘Bert’s Apple Crumble
  5. Apostolic Intervention ‘Madame Garcia’
  6. Madeline Bell ‘Picture Me Gone’
  7. Sharon Tandy ‘Hold On’
  8. P. Arnold   ‘(If You Think You’re) Groovy’
  9. Love Affair  ‘Everlasting Love’
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