INTERVIEW: Paul Weller Podcast Dan Jennings SPEAKS!

NEWS: Exclusive Paul Weller ”66” Podcast Series

Celebrating Paul Weller’s New Album “66” with Exclusive Podcast Series

The acclaimed Paul Weller Fan Podcast is back with a bang!

After a riveting two-hour finale for the three-year-long Desperately Seeking Paul story featuring an exclusive interview with Paul Weller himself, the podcast returns on Friday 17th May, just a week ahead of the release of Paul’s highly anticipated new album, “66.”

Listeners are in for a treat as the new series kicks off with an hour-long interview as the legendary singer-songwriter and musician, dives deep into the making of his latest masterpiece. Host Dan Jennings will join forces with Paul Weller to explore each track of “66,” offering fans a unique insight into the creative process behind the album.

But the celebration doesn’t stop there! As “66” hits the shelves on May 24th , The Paul Weller Fan Podcast will continue to deliver exclusive content. Just a week later, on May 31st , the podcast goes live with a series of episodes featuring insights from key figures involved in the making of the album. From band members like Jacko Peake, Tom Van Heel, Jake Fletcher and Ben Gordelier, to collaborators including Tom Doyle (White Label), Christophe Vaillant (Le SuperHomard), and Steve Brookes (original member of The Jam), each episode promises to unravel the magic behind “66.”

Additionally, contributors such as Josh McClorey, Steve Trigg, Sumudu Jayatilaka, Louise Marshall, Britten Sinfonia and Hannah Peel will offer their unique perspectives on this monumental release.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey through the world of Paul Weller and his latest musical venture. Tune in to the Paul Weller Fan Podcast starting May 17th for an unforgettable experience leading up to the release of “66.”

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About The Paul Weller Fan Podcast:

The podcast launched in December 2020, for what became a three-year audio journey called Desperately Seeking Paul. The fan-driven podcast dedicated to celebrating the life and music of Paul Weller regularly topped the music podcast charts on Apple and Spotify. Hosted by a former broadcaster, Dan Jennings, who gave up on his career as a Radio Presenter with one big regret. Never getting to interview his hero – the legendary singer, songwriter and musician – Paul Weller. The podcast was created to solve that issue. The finale of Desperately Seeking Paul saw Dan visit Paul Weller’s black barn studio for a two-hour in-depth conversation about his incredible career, creative process, live performance and more.