NEWS: Spang Sisters Release New Single ‘Eddie Murphy’

London-based dream pop outfit Spang Sisters release their latest single, Eddie Murphy.

The track is a blissful slice of dream-pop, tinged with elements of funk, psych and warm soul. With a slow, lo-fi groove the track glides along with the tracks expertly crafted guitar hooks. The accompanying drum beats play to a waltz, giving the track a mesmeric feel.

The music video, which was recently selected for screening at London’s Short Film Festival, is a brilliantly warped and trippy affair. Telling a for the ages love story of sausage and a fish finger. The video is expertly done and accompanies the music in a surreal and oddly fitting way.

Speaking of the track, band member Rachid Fakhre said: Eddie Murphy is simply a love song of which Jules ( Gibbons) composed a first demo a few years ago now. The lyrics depict a relationship gone sour wherein the one antidote seems to be an extraneous and seemingly irrelevant source. In this case, it is an Eddie Murphy movie.

“We were messing around with the chorus a while ago at a time in which I was really keen on somehow penning an ode to Eddie Murphy. His name seemed to phonetically compliment this song so we went with that.

“For the video, I wanted to get our friends Marie Dutton and Benjamin Spike Saunders to do it. Marie had done a beautiful video for one of Ben’s songs ‘Long Friend’ which I was very fond of. She used taxidermied badgers to tell a very human story. Luckily, they were enthusiastic about doing one for us. When they sent over the storyboard I was rather perplexed but we both couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

The track, and its accompanying video, are available to stream here.