NEWS: Venus Grrrls Release New Single, ‘Goth Girl’

Leeds-based riot outfit Venus Grrrls release their latest single, ‘Goth Girl’.

Jagged and in-your-face, the track is a wonderful blend of punk and electro. With the soaring and elegant vocal deliveries coming in to smooth the edges and to highlight the tracks dealings with goth culture and witchcraft.

The release of the single follows on from Venus Grrrls stellar debut EP, ‘Wicked Things’.

Speaking of the track, vocalist and frontwoman Grace Kelly said, “Goth Girl is most definitely a story, there is a running order to it. It begins painting a picture of two friends hanging out, who eventually realise their struggles for their choice of clothes and makeup. It’s no surprise to those that know us that it was Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill that glued all of VENUS GRRRLS together when we first met.

“My favourite thing about that song was the upmost appreciation it had for women, the idea of empowering each other and holding each other up high. I was thinking about this when writing the lyrics to Goth Girl, I wanted there to be this figure in it that I could bond with. The idea of borrowing each other’s shoes and listening to music together felt comforting, but I quickly began to think about the strange and unique stereotypes people associate with alt/goth people.

“There are still struggles and strange interpretations of counter-culture, e.g. Witches/Goths ‘hexing’ people, but currently Goth has come more into fashion than it used to be, which is fine. Albeit, I imagine it to be difficult for those who were treated unfairly in the past to accept this, just because something was less socially acceptable at the time. The rest of the song went from there, considering all of these different ideas and feelings. It just got us thinking about how fickle society is, and how it’s always ready to point the finger at something new. Goth Girl clings to all of these notions, and most definitely is an ode to our younger selves.”

Goth Girl is available to stream HERE.

Find Venus Grrrls HERE.