NO CEREMONY/// – NO CEREMONY//. Album review

Forming in 2011 in Manchester, NO CEREMONY/// are on the verge of becoming a household name with their take on dramatic electronic pop. Having been announced for iTunes festival ,playing Reading and Leeds festivals over this weekend and making the playlists of XFM and Radio 1, they are now about to release their outstanding debut self-titled album.

The album consists of nine tracks that reek with the post rave vibe that is associated NO CEREMONY///. Fans of the band will be pleased to know that tracks, previously released as singles ‘HURTLOVE’ and ‘FEELSOLOW’ are on there along with seven other tracks in a similar mould

A standout track on the album is definatley ‘HEARTBREAKER’ which features Joey Santiago from The Pixies of whom the band are going to be supporting at London’s famous Roundhouse. This track is addictive and you will most certainly find it to be your most listened to track on the album. Another great track is ‘WARSONGS’, this is probably one of the most heartbreaking songs ever heard from an electronica band. The emotion is unreal, and you can almost feel yourself getting tearful and thinking about a long lost love. The vocals from bassist Victoria are outstanding throughout but on ‘WARSONGS’ they particularly mesmerising.

Throughout the album, you get the sense that it’s about heartbreak and lost love. None of the tracks are particularly cheerful, and if this was your first time of listening to NO CEREMONY/// you might get the wrong idea about the band. However, heartbreak and lost love is something that we all go through, so if you listen to the album you will be able to relate to it.

Overall, this is a great debut album. If you are into dramatic electronic post rave pop, then you most certainly need to check out NO CERMONY/// and purchase this album.

Amy Rush Da Silva