One To Watch: Dead Boy Robotics

In recent years there seems to have been a sudden resurgence of music being produced  from north of the wall. Scotland has surely stamped its presence amongst the giants of the music scene as of late, and Dead Boy Robotics only continue this trend.

Dead Boy Robotics’ dark-pop musical adventures are very much welcome right now, vastly twisting and entwining a mix of sub genres. At a glance, I sense subtle undertones of the likes of The 1975 and The Editors. The vocals on display are powerful and blend in perfectly with the screech of the guitars and solid bass being emitted from the drum kit.

Their début EP was released way back in May 2010. Tale of the Winter Kids was followed by their first album in 2011 and they were granted a live performance on Ally McCrae’s BBC Introducing show. 2015 sees the release of their new song, ‘Arrival’, which will be followed by their second studio album, New Cells.

The band certainly have a dark take on the genre of pop-rock. There are subtle hints of electro music sneaking in and they have a new energy and unique style present in their music. The transition that has taken place is a very positive thing to see; Dead Boy Robotics have taken the raw and live sounds from their début album and really upped their game.

New Cells sounds harder and more in tune with the dark-pop categorising of their music. The beats and hard riffs blend together admirably, their music is filled with energy and really packs a punch. All these differing aspects have beautifully amalgamated together and the end result is fantastic. They are certainly one to watch and I sincerely hope I will be hearing much more of them in the coming years.

New Cells is out now via Brothers Grimm. 

Oliver Hope


Oliver Hope
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