Ones To Watch: Candy Darling

Hailing from Bristol, three piece Candy Darling are bursting onto the scene with their intoxicating, menacing dark pop. United by a love of proto-punk trash, rock ‘n’ roll and noir romanticism – and a desire to only use instruments that could be carried by public transport -, the trio combine vocalist Emily Breeze’s tortured, Lou Reed-esque sound with driven, almost hypnotic guitars and synths. Ultimately, Candy Darling are the amalgamation of all things sexy, gloomy and distressed.

“Everyone needs an ocean to drown in” sings Breeze on upcoming single ‘Going Straight’, her strained vocal style as tortured as the lyrics themselves. The single oozes regret for a lifestyle no doubt inherited from great uncle and literary rebel Brendan Behan and, whilst such a lifestyle shouldn’t be encouraged, it rather thankfully results in the brutal angst of Candy Darling. Much like Lou Reed again, it seems wrong to enjoy something so dark – but, with the added air of sex and swagger, it’s very difficult not to.

Although it seems difficult to describe Candy Darling without overuse of the world menacing – particularly in debut single ‘Money’,the lyrics seem like an almost personal attack – there’s a strange sense of pride in this. Candy Darling are like that really cool kid at school who always picked on you: sure, they’re telling you to fuck off, but at least they’re giving you some sort of attention.

‘Going Straight’ is released 24 May on limited edition white 7” vinyl and download. Available to pre-order from bandcamp now.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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