Ones To Watch: FLESH

FLESH launch a mix of their fellow Mancunians – Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and Oasis – in their attention grabbing tracks. Seeing FLESH perform in their home city itself, the band has even introduced their own version of Bez – fashioning an oversized coat, vigorously dancing around on stage.

Their genre fuses together rock and roll with the ’90s indie scene. With a unique style, tracks ‘Vauxhall Casanova’ and ‘W8 4 Me’ showcase the individually-styled members, with prolonged vocals that are even more emphasised than Liam Gallagher himself.

‘Not GNA’ includes a much more focused electric guitar element to their track, which invigorates its sound. Despite the similarities, however, FLESH stand out from their evident inspirations as synthesised tones are used towards the closing of this song.

The band again reveal their roots in ‘Dead Lonely’. Psychedelic aspects are added to the rock and roll genre of the song which, combined, completes its sound. Personally, I would consider this track to be their best.

Undoubtedly, this band will go further in the near future; hopefully we will see more releases from FLESH – the new, ever promising Manchester band

Find out more about Flesh at their Wesbite and Facebook.

Lottie Stuart


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