Ones To Watch: Keep Up

Divided between the jewel of the East and the UK’s beating heart, Keep Up are four young men who combine the spoken word drawl of The Velvet Underground with the refined dark indie zeal of The War On Drugs. Having played the musical game for a number of years in a variety of different guises, Keep Up sound mature with a fresh-faced outlook.

Their latest EP Fear is a monument immortalising heartbreak, late nights, cigarette breaks and family ties. The socratic rumblings of front-man Evan Jones meld perfectly with the driving force of the rest of the band, comprising of Christian Daniel, Rory Hill and Fab Bell.

It’s evident Keep Up are a collective conscience, a single entity focused on the accumulation, preservation and distribution of what they perceive to be true art. This mentality makes them a band to look out for, watch intently and invest in.

Stream the full Fear EP here.

Aaron Powell