Ones to watch: MOHIT

Until now, it’s unlikely that Bognor Regis would mean anything more to you than Butlins, or shoddy attempts at UK seaside holidays – and no one would blame you. It is now, however, that we have Bognor to thank for MOHIT: soon to be your new favourite Grunge band.

It’s actually the band’s lives on the Southern Coast that led to their existence – particularly inspiring their debut single ‘Southern Seed’. A mix of misspent youth and seemingly natural talent, combined with nights spent with a cheap bottle of whatever they could find resulted in MOHIT’s no-holds-barred, erratic sound. It’s seemingly a release of expression – a build of a million different influences manifested into their own avant-garde sound. It’s difficult to pin down – once you think you’ve got it (initially not dissimilar to Palma Violets), they take a turn for an almost brit-pop-esque sound.

There’s something rather charming about MOHIT; perhaps it’s the subtle innocence behind their angsty sound, or perhaps it’s the fact that their name comes from the badge of the man who provided them with pizza whilst recording their very first bedroom demos. Regardless, they’re enticing and fresh; it’s unapologetic Grunge with frequent – but perfectly well executed – hints of something else. MOHIT are proof that as long as it’s well-crafted, it will sound good.

With their move to London, and ‘Southern Seed’ set for release this month, it’s high time that MOHIT make it big.

‘Southern Seed’ is out 27th April via Moonshiner Records.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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