Nova Heart is the electronic ‘brain child’ of Helen Feng, a Chinese musician who has been creating music since the age of 5. She is no stranger to the music industry; Feng has worked for MTV and played in different bands on the Beijing indie/rock scene. Nova Heart is her first solo-project, a culmination of all she has learned and continues to learn. She is supported by guitarist Zhong Can, and bassist Bo Xuan.

Praise has not been in short supply for the band; they’ve been described as The Blondie of China’, with Feng being hailed as the ‘Queen of Beijing Rock’. Other comparisons include Ladytron and New Order. Fans of  electronic music will be interested in what Feng’s new outfit has to offer, their ears easily seduced by Nova Heart’s blend of edgy synthesizers and brooding bass lines.

‘Lackluster No.’ is the first single from the band’s debut album, which will be released in October later this year. Feng’s sultry vocals accompany Xuan’s equally sultry bass line, and Can’s guitar hook provides welcome melodic relief a third of the way through the track, as does the inventive use of synthesizers which complete it.

Nova Heart’s popularity is slowly rising in the UK; they’ve just appeared at Glastonbury, and played smaller venues – like The Islington – in London. The band also have a string of visually intense music videos under their belt, which are definitely worth a watch.

You can subscribe to Nova Heart’s Youtube channel here.


Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

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