Ozzy Osbourne’s New Album Is Getting Closer

Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most accomplished heavy metal singers and songwriters. He was the lead vocalist for the band Black Sabbath before he was fired. However, that did not stop him from making good music, as he went on to release a string of solo albums that proved his unique craft and passion for heavy metal. As a solo artist, Ozzy has sold more albums than Black Sabbath. His 2007 project, Black Rain, peaked at number 3 on the charts.

At the moment, Ozzy is considered a powerhouse of rock music, with most people referring to him as the Godfather of metal. His recent album Ordinary Man is a success with incredible hooks and features from artists like Post Malone and Travis Scott.

After the release of Ordinary Man, everyone concluded the project was going to be his last. That is until he revealed that he has been working on yet another album during the pandemic. According to Ozzy, working on the Album has enabled him to remain sane throughout the difficult period. He went on to mention that he has already done 15 songs.

The new album is expected to establish Ozzy Osbourne’s legendary status in pop culture. After all, he has already accomplished a lot and inspired many. For instance, in 2020, Ozzy Osbourne released a 1hour 26 minutes documentary titled: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne.

Furthermore, he is the inspiration behind Legend of Ozzy and Brütal Legend video games. His uniqueness made NetEnt create Ozzy Osbourne™, a 20-fixed payline video slot machine that can be played on some of the best online casinos, such as 888 Casino and Casino Lab.

Andrew Watt, the producer for the Album, mentioned that the project would feature numerous guest artists, including Taylor Hawkins and Robert Trujillo of the band Metallica. According to Ozzy, he wants to finish the project even though there is still a lot to do before the final LP comes out.

Currently, fans are already excited about the news, with some eagerly waiting for the record to come out. But with Andrew Watt as the producer and names like Post Malone popping out as guest features, there is no doubt the Album will be great.

Ozzy is yet to comment on its release date; however, he was keen to mention that the Album has a similar production time as Ordinary Man in an interview.

He even dug deeper to mention that one of the songs on the record is patient number nine, which he confesses is about him and his wife, Sharon. It seems like most rock stars have been conjuring something special for their fans during the pandemic, including The Hermitts, who already have two singles with more to come.

However, Ozzy feels like he is in a better place compared to 2019 that saw him get injured after falling in his home. Despite his ups and downs, Ozzy’s Ordinary Man album did great. It even featured on US Billboard 200. According to some of his fans, the energy in the album was excellent, with no display of wear and tear in his voice.

That means the latest project might turn out to be excellent. Also, since he is still teaming up with producer Watt, he might try to incorporate new tunes to make the project sound like the new age music as he did in Ordinary Man.

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