Phoneys & The Freaks LIVE @ The Borderline 08.06.14

The Borderline in London is an intimate venue where the stench of beer sticks to the walls and becomes an enigmatic part of the furniture. However, taking nothing away from Phoneys & The Freaks, the venue was perfect to host Alex Lipinski and Bonehead.

The night was packed with DJ sets left right and centre with manager of the Merrylee’s, Phil Jones orchestrating the first one before former Oasis and current Beady Eye man Andy Bell took over the reins. Austrian born Jarrod Dickenson also appeared on stage with his guitar in between the DJ changeovers with an alluring set of spirited folk music.

Phoneys And The FreaksAll evening there was a chilled laid back atmosphere that followed Lipinski and Bonehead on stage to play through their EP as well as including selective other tunes. On record the four track EP is quiet and soulful, with smartly strung chords. But when played live the acoustic sound deepens with the strong bass and full impact of Lipinksi’s voice can really be felt.

It’s a work of art to witness that transition and view a set which also included ‘Going Nowhere’. Lipinski’s finely tuned voice screams Liam Gallagher at times, however, while Liam is arguably the greatest rock ‘n’ roll frontman to have lived, Lipinski’s folk and blues edge really rounds his voice off and that’s evident in the array of tracks on the EP.

It was an awe-inspiring performance which sums up the potential this rising star has. With the guidance and experience of Bonehead standing in his shadow, the sky is literally the limit. Especially with the amount of recognition this collaboration, Phoneys & The Freaks is starting to get.