PLAYLIST: January 2017

New Year, New You, New Music! It’s still cold outside, but now we’ve polished off the leftover turkey and thrown away the uneaten chocolate liqueurs, we can focus on the important stuff in 2017; music, music, and more music. Here’s a few of our January favourites…  


Blonde Maze – ‘Antarctica’
Following her majestic 2015 EP Oceans, New York-based musician Blonde Maze is back with a twinkling, emotion-strewn slice of indie-electronica. Filled with the signature sound of marimbas, delicate pulsating melodies and vocal samples, it’s a wonderfully soothing sonic delight. (Mari Lane)

Goat Girl – ‘Scum’
The title probably describes how most people felt when they woke up on New Years Day, but Goat Girl’s hazy, sleazy track would’ve helped to ease the pain and blow away those hungover cobwebs. The four-piece are in high demand at the moment, and have been tipped as ‘One’s To Watch’ in 2017 by DIY Magazine. Mari & I saw them live just before Christmas last year, and the mosh pits were mad. (Kate Crudgington)

Run The Jewels – ‘Talk to Me’
By surprising everyone in dropping their highly-anticipated new record on Christmas eve, Killer Mike and El-P became the most impressive festive duo since Mary and Joseph. ‘Talk to Me’ may have been released back in October, but it remains an irrepressible beast; containing not so much sharp satire, but a snarling assault on Trump’s America. (Rob Conlon)

Arctic Monkeys – ‘A Certain Romance’
A seemingly random choice, but with January hosting Alex Turner’s birthday (how is he 31?!) and talk of a new Arctic Monkeys album, I’ve been revisiting their debut and 11 years on, it’s still just as good. (Melissa Svensen)

The Orwells – ‘Double Feature’
Straightforward music that doesn’t sound straightforward is a talent that The Orwells have truly mastered. Their third record is out next month, and they gave us an early Christmas present with the release of ‘Double Feature’. It might just be the dirty riffs and plodding basslines, but they work so well together it makes a track you’ll want to keep on repeat. (Becky Rogers)

David Bowie – ‘Changes’ 
Nearly a year since the legend passed away, and we’re all still missing David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust/David Jones terribly. However, the magic of his music and beauty continue to live on, and I feel it’s only right to start 2017 off with one of my favourite songs of his. With lyrics such as “Time may change me//but I can’t trace time…”, I feel this is the perfect song to accompany the expected new beginnings of a new year. (ML)

London Grammar – ‘Rooting For You’
It’s been three years since London Grammar released their best-selling debut album If You Wait, so when the group released a video for new track ‘Rooting For You’ at the beginning of this month, fans flocked to watch and listen to more of their elegant, emotional sounds. Hannah Reid’s divine vocals sit perfectly next to the orchestral elements of the song, and there’s more beautiful trademark lyrics about romantic indecision. We’re rooting for a superb second album from this trio in 2017. (KC)

David Bowie – ‘Lazarus’
As well as marking a year since his passing, January marks a year since the release of Blackstar, thus ‘Lazarus’. As magical and mystical as he was through his life, and a gracious goodbye gift, ‘Lazarus’ is proof that Bowie never, ever lost his touch. (MS)

Fighting Caravans – ‘Blue Heart Motel’
These lads are among my ones to watch for 2017. Brooding, sinister, sleazy rock’n’roll – what’s not to love? Go see them live if you want your head blown off. (RC)

Bloc Party – ‘The Love Within’
It’s been a over a year since Kele Okereke brought Bloc Party out of their hiatus with the new line-up and return to electronica, and it’s finally time to accept I really do like the new Bloc Party. The new material may seem a bit restrained at times, but you can’t deny that ‘The Love Within’ is just a banger you know you’ll be singing your heart out to whenever it starts playing. I sure do. (BR)

Arab Strap – ‘The First Big Weekend of 2016’
To be quite honest with you all, I’ve spent the last few weeks ruing the fact I didn’t nominate this as my tune of 2016 in our awards. I panicked and ended up choosing a song which definitely doesn’t mention getting emotional at an episode of The Simpsons, unlike this. (RC)

Harsh Crowd – ‘Clowns’
Now just 14 years of age, New York-based band Harsh Crowd formed when they were 11 back in 2013 after meeting at Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls – a camp focused on empowering girls and women through music. And empowering is what this young band certainly are; with a new EP Better released at the end of last year, track ‘Clowns’ is a politically charged slice of punk-rock that’ll leave you with fists clenched, ready to take on the system. (ML)

KANGA – ‘Going Red’
I discovered this industrial pop gem from American soloist KANGA late last year, and it’s been bouncing between my ear drums ever since. On the surface, ‘Going Red’ is an intoxicating dance track, but underneath it’s an exploration of insecurity and unease. Definitely invest in her debut eponymous album if you’re keen on this. (KC)


Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Assistant Editor for Gigslutz (2015-2017) Now Co-Founder, Co-Host & Features Editor for @getinherears