PLAYLIST: November 2016

A change in the season should spark a change in your listening habits, so you’re lucky we’ve put together a playlist to get you through those dark and drizzly November nights…


The House Of Love – ‘Shine On’

The Shiiine on Weekender took over Butlins in Minehead last weekend, and our Editor Steve Aston was the man behind the magic. House Of Love played at the festival, and you can read the glowing review of their performance and other highlights here.

Joy Division – ‘Atmosphere’

Fans of Joy Division and New Order, brace yourselves… Peter Hook will be performing Substance live at sea for the Shiiine On Cruise in March 2017. With Hooky’s solo band going from strength to strength this will be an opportunity to see the legend in an intimate and unique setting. Click here to find out more. (SA)

Aurora – ‘I Went Too Far’

She shot to fame when her cover of ‘Half The World Away’ soundtracked last year’s John Lewis annual festive tear-jerker, but her debut album and recent tour proved that Aurora is for life and not just Christmas. Take the best bits of Florence and Birdy with more than a hint of Kate Bush and you’re pretty much there. (Dan Bull)

The Wytches – ‘C Side’

Like 99.9% of new music enthusiasts, I’m mad about The Wytches. I’ve been spinning the living daylights out of their second album All Your Happy Life and whilst there’s plenty of A+ material to choose from, opener ‘C-Side’ is my favourite track. (Kate Crudgington)

Pussy Riot – ‘Straight Outta Vagina’ 

What can I say? This is the most awesome song I’ve heard for a long time. An unashamed feminist riposte to Donald Trump’s latest pussy-related boasts, it features rappers Desi Mo and Leikeli47, and is a truly celebratory and empowering offering from the controversial Russian punk band. (Mari Lane)

Gurr – ‘Moby Dick’ 

Since discovering Gurr a couple of weeks ago I’ve fallen in love. With their debut album In My Head out last month, Gurr make super cool surf-pop, and ‘Moby Dick’ is just a small example of just how good they are. (Melissa Svensen)

Empire Of The Sun – ‘High And Low’

Bigger, bolder and brighter than before – and this time featuring members of Fleetwood Mac and Prince & Bowie’s bands – Empire Of The Sun’s recent Roundhouse show proved that the curtain won’t be going down for a while on this theatrical spectacular. (DB)

Our Girl – ‘Being Around’

Brighton trio Our Girl deliver more of their dark and dreamy sound on new single ‘Being Around’, taken from their new EP Normally. They recently played a Roundhouse Rising gig, and they’ll be touring again this December. (KC)

Bon Iver – ’22 (over s∞∞n)’

Ever since I heard this for the very first time, at a press preview, in a small upstairs room at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, I have played it non-stop. This long awaited record (5 years to be exact) is modern, intelligent and thought provoking. Through experimental sampling, acoustic strums and those trademark heartfelt lyrics, and stunning vocals this whole album deserves a frim place on your winter playlist. Start with 22 (over s∞∞n), grab some headphones and go outside and walk. Don’t come back until you’ve listened to the album in it’s entirety at least 3 times.  (Katie Muxworthy)

The Duke Spirit – ‘Steel Love’ 

My personal highlight of the band’s latest EP Serenade, ‘Steel Love’ is filled with a sweeping, cinematic power and the crisp, enthralling vocals of front-woman Liela Moss. And, having seen them live for the second time at The Scala recently, the band once again proved they’re capable of putting on an intense, emotion-strewn performance. (ML)

The Rolling Stones – ‘Rain Fall Down’

Ten years after their last studio album, Mick, Keef, Ronnie and Charlie are back with a collection of blues covers. This one – with playing a part in production – is one of the highlights from 2005’s A Bigger Bang(DB)

Soft Hair– ‘Relaxed Lizard’

Am I surprised by the delightful weirdness of this track? Probably not. Considering it is the combined creation of Sam Dust (of Late of the Pier and LA Priest fame) and solo surrealist Connan Mockasin. The result is a trippy saxophone dripping, groovin’, falsetto croonin’ funk track, that it is pretty hard not to fall a bit in love with. (KM)

Jamie T – ‘Joan of Arc’

Since his return to music, Jamie T’s been getting stronger and stronger. His latest release, Trick, was yet another reminder that I should stop expecting the worst from new albums, and that my favourite artists are such for a reason. (MS)

Girl Ray – ‘Trouble’ 

A joyous slice of garage-rock from the London band. I just love its lush, honey-sweet harmonies and sunny, infectious hooks. Definitely a band we’ll be hearing a lot more from very soon… (ML)

Blaenavon – ‘My Bark is Your Bite’

Newcomers Blaenavon are offering indie-pop at its best, with strumming guitars, catchy lyrics and a brooding under current. This US trio are easy listening and are already on numerous top tipped lists for 2017, following “Lets pray, the track it was hard to miss this summer.  Look at for that incoming debut album, we predict big things. (KM)

Cigarettes After Sex – ‘K’

Greg Gonzalez’ androgynous voice is a heart-melter, and his lyrics about voyeuristic, unrequited, and genuine love will smooth over the scars on the most severed soul. Cigarettes After Sex headline a sold out show at Scala on the 24th. If you managed to get tickets, try and keep your overwhelmed weeping to a minimum (and don’t interrupt mine). (KC)

The Last Shadow Puppets – ‘Is This What You Wanted?’

The first teaser of the TLSP cover EP, set for release at the start of December, Miles and Alex take on the Leonard Cohen classic with minimal effort, and maximum hip swinging. This understated track comes with an excellent video too with an artistic continuous shot, featuring Turners gyrating dance moves. Extra points for the string section.  (KM)

Echo & The Bunnymen – ‘Lips Like Sugar’

The Shiiine on Weekender took over Butlins in Minehead last weekend, and our Editor Steve Aston was the man behind the magic. Echo & The Bunnymen were headliners at the festival, and you can read a glowing review of the highlights here.

Lady Gaga – ‘Diamond Heart’

She may have been living for the ‘Applause’ in 2013 when she released Artpop, but on her fifth studio album Joanne, Lady Gaga temporarily hangs up her mermaid bra and lays bare her ‘Diamond Heart’. The album marks another shining moment of metamorphosis for the American pop superstar, and this track is a belter. (KC)


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