Premiere: Sera EKE – ‘White Room’

An ethereal goddess possessing the most infatuating voice to pop out of 2018 so far;  Sera EKE is excitingly premiering her forthcoming single, ‘White Room’, on Gigslutz, today!

‘White Room’ is first and foremost the title track of the Seoul-born singers’ forthcoming EP.  Featuring three songs – including the premiering ‘White Room’ alongside ‘Odd’ and ‘Haze’ – the White Room EP is mighty short, however, insanely sweet.  Never a bad bargain, is it?

Possessing a personified attitude of its own, ‘White Room’ is simply a levitating sphere of dark illusion.  Created through haunting vocals and clear slices of inspiration from the likes of Björk, Diana Vickers’ vocals and  Depeche Mode, ‘White Room’ swirls, mystifies and strikes us square in the chest with an unexpected blow.  The underrated synth is sensual while Sera EKE’s breathless vocal snatches the show.  ‘White Room’ is oh-so-glorious indeed.

A seductive track perfect for the exploration of beauty, unconventional sin and of course, the obscure world of Sera EKE.  ‘White Room’ is the perfect eye-opener for those yet to embark on the odyssey of this fine young singer.  We certainly, just cannot get enough.

The White Room EP from Sera EKE is available from April 13, 2018.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Gigslutz Editor, token Geordie and Blur fangirl. Naturally, achieving Vicky Pattinson's VIP edge is what drives me to get up in the morning.