PREMIERE: Amistat releases new music video ‘Love & Light’

Twins Amistat are releasing their new video for their latest single ‘Love & Light’. The track is stunning both sonically and thematically, cascading with beautiful instrumentation and poignant lyrics. Amistat continue this theme into the visuals for the song, again producing something heartfelt and mesmerizing, emitting a warm and glowy feeling.

Having garnered acclaim for ‘Love & Light’, the alt-folk track has been applauded for it’s environmentally friendly message. The brothers proceed in raising awareness of our planets worrying changes by reminding audiences of the beauty that lies right in front of us. Taking you completely back to nature, the cinematic yet minimalistic scenes craft a powerful message. Glistening with shots of the sun’s rays pouring through the treetops and dewy long grasses rustling in the wind, the visuals show Amistat hugging their nearest and dearest.

Amistat share, “We wanted to create something that refers to the song and came up with the concept of hugging people as a symbol of giving ‘love and light’. It was very important to us to capture something that people could relate to and feel in order to connect even more with the song and the lyrics. We shot the video close to our hometown in Rosenheim (Bavaria) near the local mountains there. Our parents are both in it, which made the video even more special to us”.

The compelling concept of friends and family coming together and being at one, reinforces the entire ideology that Amistat are trying to convey through their music. Known for their Bon Iver-esque harmony rich music, the duo who are now based in Europe, have been creating a name for themselves, having performed at notable festivals and extensive international tours.

Continuing to build their artist resume, Amistat are on a mission to spread their message of inner love and peace.