Premiere: Barringtone Dazzle w/ The New New

Barringtone release new track, The New New, out next month on May 01 via Onomatopoeia.

Lighting-up venues with a huge dose of pop-rock wizardry, Barringtone bring us The New New, just at a time when we are locked in our houses, with an allowance of only one walk a day – could this be the new new. This new gem is a sketchbook of enchanting, complex and dissonant sounds.

The New New brings dazzling prog rock style noodlings, lilting and lifting you up, with an angular synergy reminiscent of Tom Vek or Battles, transcending to a more optimistic sphere. The track curves and plunges from a slick laser chic to a more rugged and angular orchestral guitar sound. A complex improvisational, yet structured track transcends and brings us back to earth with a smattering of bird song.