Premiere: Blithe release brand new single “It’s Not Too Late”

Since they released debut single ‘Did You Get The Message’ Portsmouth Indie-Rock band have been focusing on their improving their live shows and bringing forth their unique recipe of chaos and parties. They’re now back with the long awaited follow up single “It’s Not Too Late”. 

They bring strong and catchy guitars, thumping bass, grooving drum rhythms and powerful vocals all together to make a massive wall of sound. Charlie, Blithe’s lead singer, describes the track as “a shoutout to believe to not follow the expected social norms and express yourself as an individual. There’s too many people out there forcing themselves to be like what they think society what’s them to be like.”

You can catch Blithe play “It’s Not Too Late” live at Golden Touch Festival in Portsmouth on 29th June or at their upcoming string of dates which include Portsmouth, London and more!

It’s Not Too Late will be released on Spotify and all other major platforms on 28th June. However you can listen first here