Premiere: Brave Little Note – ‘Grrrl Trouble’

Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Irvine – aka Brave Little Note – is certainly no newcomer to the music scene. She’s a member of Idlewild Rod Jones’ The Birthday Suit, and has also collaborated with artists such as Kenny Anderson of King Creosote.

Now, however, Jack has gone it alone to voice her “visceral emotional response” to the election of Donald Trump and her own personal experiences of misogyny. A glitchy, electronic anthem, ‘Grrrl Trouble’ is propelled by thundering beats and brutally honest feelings of anger.

Oozing a distinct power in its discordant, uncomfortable cacophony of sound, ‘Grrrl Trouble’ is an innovative and unique creation.

Grrrl Trouble’ is out on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, 20 January. 



Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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