Premiere: These Brittle Bones shares new song ‘Healing’

Having started These Brittle Bones when he was just 12, as a solo project in his bedroom in Singapore, Chris Jones has blossomed into a fully self-assured artist; and his latest offering ‘Healing’ is proof of that.

Written in 2016 – a year Chris notes as a time of great personal change; his last year as a minor – he says of the track: “’Healing’ came at a time when I allowed myself to feel resentment without shame, without feeling guilt at the fact I felt pissed off. The song became about standing my own ground without repressing my irritation to please others. It was a real moment of learning the importance of self-love: a shifting point where I allowed myself to stop apologising for who I am or how I choose to define myself”.

With an accompanying video directed by acclaimed director Jorik Dozy, and featuring famous Singapore BMX collective The Circle Project, ‘Healing’ is an impeccably strong release. Now living in London and juggling music with a degree in English Literature at UCL, there’s no doubt this is just another step towards Chris taking the world by storm.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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