Premiere: LOWLA – ‘Walls’

Channeling the likes of Grimes and Sky Ferreira, alt-pop duo Lowla create twinkling, impassioned offerings that are just as good to dance to as get immersed in their emotive content. Following the success of their debut single ‘Reckless’, the ’90s loving, denim-clad  duo are now back with a brand new track from their upcoming EP.

Title track ‘Walls’ is filled with delicate harmonies, alongside grittier vocals, tribal beats and screeching riffs. Carrying topical themes of revolution and social awareness, the track marks a step away from the romantic reflections of previous single ‘Reckless’ and sets out to look at the bigger picture. Of the track Lowla say:

“‘Walls’ is all about the here and the now and the world that we live in. It’s a very personal number for us. We truly believe in the power of people getting together and making a change.”

Listen to ‘Walls’, for the first time, here:

Walls, the brand new EP from LOWLA, is due for release 30 September via DIY.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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