PREMIERE: The Milk share new track ‘Colours’

The Milk have shared their second single ‘Colours’, to be taken from southern soul boys new album which is due for release early next year. Scroll down to check it out…

Following on from Never Come Down, which received some serious love from BBC 6Music mainstays Huey Morgan and Cerys Matthews,  Colours is a true highlight of the band’s forthcoming third LP, and is probably their most socially conscious release to date. Having held back on their own political colours on record at least, the recent rise of populism, as well as growing divisions and prejudice in society have caused the Milk to nail theirs to the mast somewhat with a single that’s ultimately about unity.

Speaking of the track, guitarist Dan stated:

“Songwriting is a strange and wonderful pursuit. It is made even more tricky when everyone in the band is a player and writer. Crafting four peoples musical language and unique perspectives into a cohesive sound can be a real challenge.

 Sometimes a song is presented fully formed, with just the music frame needed. On other occasions, the process can feel adrift in the creative universe, waiting for a revelation to drive its creation.’ Colours’ is a story of the latter. 

The chord structure and basic melodic framework had been adrift in the studio ether for some time. We all felt there was something special in its arrangement, but we didn’t know what the song should say; until Luke came in with an idea. 

‘all colours will agree in the dark.’

I don’t think a decision has ever been more unanimous in 20 years of writing together. Outside of the band, we have all felt the trials facing our society. Division, ignorance, hatred and apathy have infected every aspect of our world. In the past, we have been uncomfortable making grand statements on social and political issues; there was always that feeling that sycophantic musical messiahs felt disingenuous. The truth is, we are looking out at this vulnerable world, and we sincerely do not like what we’re seeing. We feel compelled to say something about it. 

Colours is a song about unity; that challenges the implicit ignorance that dominates so much of our society. Truth and Falsehoods are wielded with equal weight. Simultaneously destroying our hopes and replacing them with confusion and separation; we all have to look a little deeper into our shared humanity. Yes, we have differences, but we have far more similarities. So turn the lights off and remember we’re all the same in the dark.”

The Milk play Hoxton Hall, London, October 25th 2019