Premiere: Tryptamines – ‘A Landslide O Tiny Robots’

Led by composer, multi-instrumentalist and poet, Callum Peterkin, Tryptamines are set to release a new concept album tomorrow. Having battled a severe arm injury, as well as depression and a cancer scare, Peterkin and co. have now released several records, are established guests at a range of psychedelic festivals and are fast becoming known for their grand, musically rich creations.

Ahead of the release of the album, Tryptamines have shared new track ‘A Landslide O Tiny Robots’. A truly majestic offering, the track oozes an evocative, eerie energy, reflecting the dark undertones of the album’s narrative as a whole. Challenging listeners not to accept all the corrupt media we’re fed on a daily basis, Tryptamines have created something quite beautiful in its poignancy.

Listen to ‘A Landslide O Tiny Robots’, for the first time, here:

The Way Which Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way, the new album from Tryptamines, is out tomorrow, 20 April via FitLike Records.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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