PREMIERE: Twiceful Mind ‘Blue Flame’

Ale and Teo – the two halves which make up electro-rock duo Twiceful Mind – decided to join musical forces after meeting in London but discovering that they grew up only mere miles apart in Milan.

From this serendipity, they are set to release their latest single Blue Flame.

The blue part of a flame is an area which burns the most intensely yet it is near-invisible to the human eye. The same can also be said for Ale’s approach to living performances and is reflected upon in their latest single amongst dramatic distortion and driving riffs.

Blue Flame is out today (December 7) where you will only a have a few days to learn the words before catching them on the 11th December at Queen of Hoxton.

[spotify track=”spotify:track:5UXsnUl8klNlEdSeZJ0z8l”]

Nicky Lee-Delisle

Nicky Lee-Delisle