REVIEW: 13th Floor Elevators - A Visual History

REVIEW: 13th Floor Elevators – A Visual History

With a stellar writing line up in Paul Drummond, Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage this chunky 328 page book, published by Anthology Editions, has a wealth of unseen pictures, documents and memorabilia making this collection a collectors dream come true but for new fans of 13thFloor Elevators this is a superb way to introduce yourself to one of the 60’s psychedelic underrated rare gems. Whilst there is no audio music involved with the book you can certainly taste the raw atmosphere as well as youthful enthusiasm in the collection of visuals on show.

With an edge to their music similar to The Pretty Things, Captain Beefheart and Them, 13thFloor Elevators exuded cool which is evident in the mix of black and white and colour pictures. Youthful innocence is captured, with clean haircuts and button-down jackets, there are also some quite fabulous multicoloured posters on show, dizzy and spectacular colours on show as well as perfects wording fonts. 

With a foreword by Lenny Kane, cast of characters plus a vast detailed story of the bands upbringing, the creation of the band, some of the shenanigans including brushes with the police and the bands final steps as a collective, this is truly the last word on the much-lauded band. A mighty fine document on well-loved unheralded of their generation. 

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