REVIEW: Bdrmm - Bedroom

REVIEW: Bdrmm – Bedroom

Mixes various musical styles but with a firm stamp in the direction of The Cure, Slowdive and MBV, Bdrmm’s new longer player Bedroom released via Sonic Cathedral will wake you up from your slumber before reaching into your heart and soul that has seen the release gain mass plaudits and radio play. From the mysterious black and white almost dishevelled pokadot design the adventure contained within has a rainbow of sumptuous musical escapades to delight, fascinate and enthral all listeners. 

A Reason to Celebrate sounds like a distant relation to Slowdives Slomo but with a quicker poppier beat, Gush strides forward with shimmering guitars, echoey vocals with another perfect guitar pop structure. The single Happy has a similarity to The Forest by The Cure with the sort of guitar patterns Robert Smith would smatter red lip stick on, he’d be probably wishing this featured on the bands new album. The Silence is a beautiful mysterious mix of sounds, almost mixing the sort of music Jim Jupp and Ghost Box have released.

Unhappy is another nod in the direction of shoegaze bands of the past like The House Of Love and Chapterhouse, with a purposeful slow juddering guitar charge, If… follows with yet more delicate vocals sounding like Mercury Rev with MBV heavy guitar chords whilst album closer isn’t your 1000mph anthemic closer rather this drip fed ending has some delicious strokes of guitar strings, as effect pedals were no doubt used to and explored in the studious and rehearsals to maximise sound and scope, the journey on the album is an interesting journey, interesting to see which planet the band venture to next. 

Bedroom can be purchased via the following link