REVIEW: Dr Who: The Paradise Of Death / The Ghosts Of N-Space

REVIEW: Dr Who: The Paradise Of Death / The Ghosts Of N-Space

Those masters of reissue Demon Music Group have again done the Tardis, Daleks and The Time Lord proud with another masterful release in the guise of this whopping 6 vinyl box set release. Now in a long line of Dr Who releases Demon seem to stretch the virtually impossible into the possible bringing much loved characters back to life in remastered formats for new and old audiences to embrace.

The 2 stories on offer were part of a rebirth of the Dr from back in the 90’s with some Whovian’s holding these recordings in such lofty esteem as to say these are last examples of the real Dr being portrayed. With the hallowed Barry Letts writing the story line, you can tell you’ll be in for a treat due to Letts writing and producing many of the 70’s era of the shows, making this an extra special treat for fans.

The Paradise Of Death saw Jon Pertwee revised as the Dr with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane and Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier. All 3 bringing in stellar performances across the dialogue with the villains of The Paradise Of Death also bringing their A game to the table. Peter Miles and Harold Innocent re-enact their parts with joyful humour in parts. The Ghosts Of N-Space conjures up equally dazzling results. With Pertwee taking the Tardis into the stratosphere again. The gates of hell are battled to be kept closed with Meatloaf not in sight, the different time zones are navigated with on the edge of your seat enthralment, it’s a little sad that Pertwee died not long after this series was aired.

Of the vinyl, they come individually wrapped in their own spectacular packaging, with blue and yellow vinyl across the set with an exclusive Amazon version to hunt out for which has splatter editions of the vinyl.  As iterated before, this is another masterful release by Demon bringing this much loved series back to life with outstanding results.

The Paradise Of Death / The Ghosts Of N-Space can be purchased via the following link