REVIEW: Dr Who - The Underwater Menace vinyl

REVIEW: Dr Who – The Underwater Menace vinyl

A flying police box, with alien beings in sparky fish outfits, plus octopuses, killer sharks and all manner of shenanigans in the time it takes to play all sides of this new vinyl  releases via Demon Music Group, this is yet again a fab retro release featuring precise eye catching artwork plus the colour on the vinyl would be enough bate to capture any unwitting record buying victim to try out this new batch of time lord simplicity mixed with the sort of mad capped story line that would have pleased the kids of the time who were also into watching The Adventure Game and Cheggars Plays Pop.

Featuring Patrick Troughton as the doctor, the Jeff Beck look alike wielded a recorder as his secret weapon, instead of being a pied piper leading his victims along a merry dance the recorder is used to help him think and contemplate his next move to help him defeat the fish. A big net you ask? A  50 foot shark controller by the doctors mind? Or simple clicking his fingers which helps him make the fish disappear? Well I guess you’d have to listen to find out the real twist in the tale, no pun intended, but as with the previous Dr Who releases from Demon, these are a delight to get your hands on.

With the acting skills of Frazer Hines, Anneke Wills and Michael Craze adding their considerable acting quality to the already mad hatted mix, Is it any wonder this particular episode is considered by many Who fans to be one of the most mental episodes. What with a plot to explode the earth and no ark in site, is it any wonder why the kids of the time used to watch episodes from behind their sofas. Grab yourself another slice of Dr Who retrospective heaven in the guise of this lurking beauty.  

The Underwater Menace can be purchased via the following link