REVIEW: Dr Who – The Web Planet vinyl box set

REVIEW: Dr Who – The Web Planet vinyl box set

Yet again Demon Music Group have struck gold with another vinyl box set release featuring archive Dr Who audio material. Adding abit more haunted nostalgia than actually watching the episodes, listening instead gives an even more creepy feeling to the proceedings that unfold in and around the big blue Tardis.

The battle that ensues features a rivalry between Zarbi, an ant like creature and Menoptera, a butterfly like creature, on the planet Votris. There’s space for a 3rd alien to join the fight, Animus, who uses gold to control the minds of its rivals. There may not be the sort of spectacular animation or effects that light up modern day Sci fi programmes but the going on here are a delight to listen to, warts ‘n all.

The first doctor William Hartnell is trying to control the goings on here from within and outside the Tardis, with assistance from William Russell as Ian, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara and Maureen O’Brien as Vicki. Another well-known name in Martin Jarvis also gets a cameo in these early episodes, who would later return to Dr Who to star opposite future doctors John Pertwee and Colin Baker.

The story is compelling, sounding a lot more engaging that trying to follow murky black and white footage. Indeed the cracks would might appear when watching a primitive episode of an aging sci fi programme appear to be wiped away with just the audio to enjoy. The chemistry between all the actors is warm and heartfelt particularly the relationship between William Russell and Jacqueline Hill. Overall The Web Planet is another joyous release in this long line of fascinatingly cherished releases of long lost BBC archive.

There are different vinyl sets available to purchase from the Demon Music Group website