REVIEW: Elkhorn – The Storm Sessions album review

REVIEW: Elkhorn – The Storm Sessions album review

The supersonic label that is Beyond Beyond Is Beyond have delivered yet again a sumptuous release, this time in the form of New York duo Jesse Shepherd and Drew Gardner under their guise of Elkhorn with their new album The Storm Sessions. All the tracks are skilfully handled jams beautifully evoking hazy days amongst the setting summers sun as you playing skip through this enchanting set.

The album is made up of 6 individual tracks named Electric One and Two with 3 parts to each track. As with the likes of Pete Townshend in his Tommy period when in a live setting he would be found twiddling through a number of different chord sequences maybe finding new structures to investigate further in the studio, it is this similar pattern that the pair have given water to, helping create a flourishing, glistening delight of a release.

The different sequences of expansive showmanship doesn’t deceive or misconstrued the listener into thinking this is some sort of bored exercise in the studio, rather this is 2 minds together unleashing their potential on their instruments, just give Electric One (part two) a spin and within an instant a deep appreciation of their improvisation using different layers and textures to fill the spaces around them will gain nods of approval in all directions.

An album different in many dimensions to so many around at the moment making it an intriguing and uplifting listen, delivering something different in terms of your ordinary pop album. If you haven’t checked out the bands lofty previous releases including 2019’s Sun Cycle/Elk Jam make doubly sure to not miss out on their box of delights.

Elkhorn can be found via the bands own Bandcamp page