REVIEW: Ex Norwegian - Hue Spotting

REVIEW: Ex Norwegian – Hue Spotting

The indulgent sounds of Ex Norwegian make their lively return with their 10thstudio album release Hue Spotting let loose on June 5thvia Beyond Before records. Essentially the collection is a blitz of electronic psychedelic spaced out compositions the sort of music Tame Impala have creating to wider acclaim, I think it’s time Ex Norwegian shoulder charged their way into this spotlight for a piece of the action. Fear Backwards opens the doors with a stream of pop phased guitars with a tinkling of the ivories over a charging beat, this sort of opening will only mean 1 thing, more excitement is yet to come.

Comfort Sands has a melodica opening before the whole band come crashing into view in a Revolution type structure, Hue Spotting delves deep into a Deep Purple type organ driven frenzy, Bloody Parrots isn’t an irritating repeating vocal exercise rather bubbling vocals ride over a bouncing beat, You Turn Papers Colour goes straight into a Pink Floyd slowed down churning hypnotic ballad, similar to Comfortably Numb.

Something 2020 beams into the same addictive revolving beat made successful through Kevin Parker. The epic 8 plus minutes of Not Underground is an exercise in successful psych feedback repeating chorus that has been a fan favourite with Spacemen 3,My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and the Mary Chain. Night Is Long delves the listener once again into a popular electric beat shuffle, with a catchy chorus breathing the same fluidity such as World Of Twist, this brill release by Ex Norwegian is a fab way to bring in the tin anniversary. 

Hue Spotting can be purchased via the following link

Matt Mead

Matt Mead

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