REVIEW: Garcia Peoples – Nightcap At Wits End

REVIEW: Garcia Peoples – Nightcap At Wits’ End

The last album by Garcia Peoples, One Step Behind, was one of the most imaginative and distinctively creative in recent years by any band harking from New Jersey. Totally 2 tracks, the first being a 30 minute plus jam come composition firmly cementing the bands place into the psychedelic hall of fame, the band had a job on their hands following up this mighty baby. Never fear though, the band’s new album Nightcap At Wits’ End released via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond dabbles in a similar scent as their previous album but this time we get 12 original tracks comprising another gear change in the bands impressive musical catalogue.

Kicking off with the space aged sounding Gliding Through, the duel driving guitar chords with blissful echoing harmonies with a slightly more serious tone to the music is an intriguing start to proceedings. Wasted Time wastes no time in forging pretty patterns on what sounds like Rhodes piano whilst a Jethro Tull sounding flute provides a 60’s vibe aka to something you’d hear at the Isle Of Wight festival whilst Fire Of The Now is a 3 minute off shot of One Step Behind, charming and hypnotic in its delivery, the vast swathes of music that flows between the speakers covers the room in echoes of joyous harmonic luxuries afforded to the educated few. If this includes you, boy are you in for some treats.

Crown Of Thought is a slightly more subtle and brighter chord wig out than some of the dakrer compositions here, sounding like something lifted from Revolver there are even Yellow Submarine type suction and mysterious bellowing sounds before you enter into the delicate charming acoustic blend of Shadow, this track mixes 60’s influences again whilst cutting a wedge from Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. The overall judgement is a masterfully crafted long player full of unexpected twists and junctions in the road which is equal in musical beauty to the expertly crafted animated sleeve that adorns the album cover. More of this please.

Nightcap At Wits End is available via the following link