REVIEW: Keith Seatman - Time To Dream But Never Seen

REVIEW: Keith Seatman – Time To Dream But Never Seen

The latest album Time To Dream But Never Seen released via Castles In Space by electronic keyboard wizard Keith Seatman delves into an often mysterious sound yet keeping an intriguing musical angle through the long player, the sort of release BBC Radiophonic Workshop would have released in their heyday. Luckily for fans of such this new fandangled spaced out collection has surprises galore including some super sleeve notes by Jim Jupp of Ghost Box records. The album starts with On The Pier / Down To The Sea featuring a dizzy mix of soft chimes, mad capped sound excerpts plus what sounds like Space invader rocket snippets.

Adventure Island has a revolving drum pattern whilst feedback with moog sythn doing the damage up front, Avoid Large Spaces could be taken from The Adventure Game or The Boy From Space soundtrack especially when there are hints of hidden voices under foot whilst almost Dracula grand organ chords leave the listener crawling behind their sofa as this echoes of deep and abiding musical structures. 

Last One In sounds like Kraftwerk mixed with Aphex twin but with the lead structure taken from Autobhan 66 by Primal Scream, Compact Bedroom Circus continues the mysterious theme, it could be the soundtrack to any murder mystery with human eyes peeping around corners, foggy driveways or a clouded moon drawing in the creepy crawlies as the night skies draw in. Other favourites include The Hang Bird sounding like the distant cousin to the theme from The Krypton Factor or it could be the alternate anthem from The Wicker Man whilst the title track finishes where the album started with a never ending mirage of sounds dipping in and out the speakers. Not your usual conventional album, but that doesn’t matter, everyone should try something different once in a while, so let Keith Seatman take you on a magic trip to a new musical planet.

Time To Dream But Never Seen can be purchased via the following link