REVIEW: Larry Pink the Human – M1XTAPE


Larry Pink the Human unleash their debut EP, ‘M1XTAPE’. A collaborative project between Slaves guitarist Laurie Vincent and producer Jolyon Thomas, the EP is a colourful splash of electro-pop putting soul and emotion centre stage.

Kicking off the EP is, ‘BISOUSxxx’. Leading in with flange-tinged electro, it quickly breaks to allow acoustic guitar to break through. The track sports a lo-fi charm that only serves to add to the melodic emotion. Throughout the track Vincent’s voice is mixed into the electronic cacophony, giving it a certain vulnerability. This is continued within the following track, ‘NO WRONG NO RIGHT’, with its off kilter beats and Vincent’s damaged vocals being oddly cohesive.  The drums are pounding and danceable, with the track sounding like Toto’s, ‘Africa’ in a pair of Dickie’s.

This is not to state that, ‘M1XTAPE’ is solely pop bangers. It has its softer, more introspective moments, such as, ‘Surfacing’. It features a broody melody that refuses to adhere to any kind of pop niceties. Its in-your-face, unflinching and possibly the standout track on the EP. The chorus is chocked full of synths that make this track so emotional, something that is only emphasised when combined with Vincent’s cries of, ‘where do the lost souls go?’. Closing track of the EP, ‘FEELS LIKE HOME’, also wears its emotion proudly on its sleeve. Combining urgent electronica, acoustic guitars and blissful string sections, it’s beautiful whilst still having an almost, ‘lighters in the air quality’ about it. Towards its closing stages it breaks into what can only be described as energetic cacophony before allowing the strings to ride out the track.

‘M1XTAPE’ is a wonderful slice of wonderfully wonky electronic-pop with a truly DIY charm to it. From highs to lows, anthemic choruses to gut-punchingly personal lyrics, ‘M1XTAPE’ hits it out of the park on all levels. It succeeds expertly in pulling the listener into the odd, strange and brilliant world of Larry Pink the Human.