REVIEW: Marion - The Program reissue

REVIEW: Marion – The Program reissue

Following on from the huge success of their debut album Manson look set to score another hit with their follow up The Program, which has recently been reissued by Demon Music Group for the first time on vinyl, is a slightly les rawkus affair than their debut. Produced by Johnny Marr who also added some guitar licks, Marr’s production plus with a slightly more glossy sound this should have seen the band go on greater things, however this proved the be the bands swan song. Opener Smile has that familiar Marion revolving guitar sound whilst the drums add an almost tribal beat. Miyako Hideaway sprinkles abit of U2 sound over its structure of new darker sound. Sparkle does indeed do just that, probably the bands most poppy sounding track on the album, sounding like the distant cousin of James Laid.

What Are We Waiting For is a luxurious luscious, almost haunting in its approach, maybe Manson got some of their influence for Electric Man from this soaring tune. Strangers introduces Marr’s influence with guitar brought right to the forefront of the track, glittering and sparkling whilst Hardings vocals reach the sky. The Powder Room Plan is yet again another shimmering brit pop swagger tune, Harding yet again taking no prisoners with his soaring vocals.

All Of These Days goes back to the debut album sound, breaking the sound barrier with a ferocious pace, footage from Glastonbury festival shows Cunningham wreaking havoc on his fretboard with the same amount of passion and explosive unpredictive playing Townshend showed at every gig The Who played through the 60’s and 70’s. Album closer Comeback, it’s a grand number, with piano and guitars doing the leg work whilst energetic drums, as always, lifting the song to heights not thought possible. As a second album it is a mighty fine effort, many have crumbled with the thoughts of following up their debut but Marion find all the right results. 

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