REVIEW: Marion - This World and Body reissue

REVIEW: Marion – This World and Body reissue

Hailing from Macclesfield, Marion who were signed to London records were firm favourites in and amongst the Britpop scene of the mid 90’s. The nucleus of the band consisted of frontman Jaime Harding, guitarists Phil Cunningham and Tony Grantham, bassist Julian Phillips and drummer Murad Mousa. With influences ranging from David Bowie, REM and The Stranglers the band were on to a sure-fire winner with their debut album release This World and Body which has now been reissued by Demon Records on coloured vinyl and CD. Opener Fallen Through comes crashing through the speakers with the sort of lead guitar intro any band making their debut would intro would be pleased to have in their set. Harding comes through sounding like a mix of Rick Witter and Morrissey. 

The single Sleep keeps the breakneck pace with a catchy chorus and jumping jangly guitar anthem, the similarities to REM to the fore here. Let’s All Go Together is a big favourite from the album with its descending chords and impassioned song structure plus the added passion of Harding, there’s nothing not to like. Slowly the pace down ever so slightly is Wait, sounding like the song Mozza probably wished he’d written, this could easily fit onto any Smiths release. Whilst the let-up in pace was only brief The Only Way delivers that same 100 mph pace with what sounds like a killer Undertones anthem. 

Further catchy and addictive numbers include All For Love with it soaring guitars and thundering drum backbeat, Toys For Boys yet another single lifted from the album deliveries that familiar none stop pace to the delight of their fans, which probably helped the band play Glastonbury 3 times. Time has delightful originality that fleeted bands of the same period, a stunning piece of work. Your Body Lies is the Nightswimming track of the album, solo piano and acoustic guitar show of the brittle yet beautiful side of the band, a gentle and powerful ballad. Final track This World and Body is the sort of anthemic rip roaring finale that would reverberate in fans ears long after the closing chimes of chords. 

Overall the album still stands up as a lively affair, sounding like something the indie crowd of today would do well to produce a similar long player that would see a band go on to be loved as much as Marion. 

This World and Body can be purchased from the following link