REVIEW: Noble Oak – When It Finds You


Pic Credit: Devon Scott Wong

Noble Oak (Patrick Fiore) releases his new album, ‘When It Finds You’. A collection of songs that are a perfect fit for a long, hot summer that also dive into Fiore’s insecurities.

Kicking off the album is, ‘Anywhere but Here’, with a slow, breezy piano lead in that showcases, expertly, Fiore’s skills as a classically trained pianist. Becoming to root that the melody builds itself around, key in creating it’s summer pop excellence. The vocals soon come into play, with them cascading over the melodic landscape that underpins them, bringing the listener into its dreamy world.

This is continued within, ‘Broken Window’ which features a similarly relaxing piano lead in. The keys brining a distinctly 90’s pop feel, sounding like, Vanessa Carlton’s, ‘A Thousand Miles’ updated for the Carhart generation.


‘Eveningstar’ adopts a more indie-centric approach, taking clear influence from groups such as MGMT or Tame Impala as the guitar riffs bleed into the track, dripping in effects. This is not to say that the track sets out to be a straight indie, “banger” as it clearly maintains one foot in its pop sensibilities, the track would not feel out of place at a festival like Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

Tracks such as, ‘Landing’ and, ‘One Summer’ act as interludes to the album. Breaking up the pop bliss that permeates the rest of its offerings, instead they serve as a showcase for Fiore’s exceptional musical ability. ‘One Summer’ in particular is a standout moment in the album with a tender acoustic riff that runs throughout it’s as a moment of true tenderness and vulnerability.

Closing out the album is, ‘Your Favourite Place’, kicking off with the most traditional sounding guitar riff the album has to offer. Before long the pre-established electronic elements come back into play, which serves excellently in closing out the album with a sense of euphoria. However, the lyrics tell a different story, with lines such as, “all I ever do is complain” serving as a beautifully blunt piece of self-exploration. It swills to a crescendo of true pop excellence, closing out the album on a high.

‘Where It Finds You’ is a beautiful slice of alternative pop tailor made to get you into a chilled-out, summer spirit. With gorgeous piano and intricately placed guitar licks it gets you into that feel good spirit. The album has its darker lyrical moments, no doubt, but play this on a summer afternoon and get ready to be transported to Noble Oak’s world.