REVIEW: Ocean Colour Scene – Yesterday Today 1999 - 2003

REVIEW: Ocean Colour Scene – Yesterday Today 1999 – 2003

The second instalment in dazzling vinyl reissues from Demon Music Group of Ocean Colour Scenes albums dating 1999-2003 see’s One From The Modern, Mechanical Wonder and North Atlantic Drift given a new lease of life.

Each of the albums comes refreshed on coloured vinyl which look and sound as good if not better than the original releases. 1999 One From The Modern is a modern folk rock cracker. The Blissed out clarion call Profit For Peace, Van Morrison-esque soulful So Low, The Who electric guitar charge of July whilst the eloquent Step By Step dips and spins the listening into exquisite drifts of adept musical changes, it’s hard not to think why the band weren’t championed with more worthiness when these classics albums were originally created.

2001 Mechanical Wonder with its brisk northern soul opener Up On The Downside gives joyful optimism and rhythms to die for, which can also be said for similar stand out tracks In My Field and Sail My Boat. There’s the melancholy ballads of The Biggest Thing and We Made It More whilst the wig out of Give Me A Letter has visions of whirlwinds from Steve Cradock. Title track is another OCS stunner, in a similar vein to Better Day, it’s a tune to rouse their crowd into a frenzy before Cant Get Back To The Baseline evokes memories of Moseley Shoals.

2003 North Atlantic Drift is probably the stand out release in this particular set. I Just Need Myself gets things off to a flyer, what with a rebel rousing Faces pounding rhythm, there is little room for anyone to be excused as this tracks sets sail to destination brilliance. Oh Collector has similar Rock ‘n’ Roll reverberations before Make The Deal settles the quartet down, delivering a tune aka Phil Spector stereophonic reverberations. The charming For Every Corner and the Ronnie Lane folk of Second Hand Car drops some of the best work by the band, guest vocalist Linda Thompson conveys beautification in song via She’s Been Waiting, with the albums best song The Song Goes On arrives at just the right moment at the conclusion of the long player.

This box set is another reminder of the skill and inspiration of one of the great modern age beat groups. Up there with the releases of The Prisoners, The Jam and Studio 68! OCS mouth-watering box sets don’t get much better than this.

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