REVIEW: Teenage Waitress - Love and Chemicals

REVIEW: Teenage Waitress – Love and Chemicals

Southampton. Birth place of Ken Russell, Howard Jones plus an exciting new artist that has been compared to the likes of Blur, Supergrass and Arctic Monkeys with the same pace as Matt Le Tissier flying through midfield before unleashing a thunder bolt into the top corner; Daniel J Ash who has the stage name of Teenage Waitress has so far released a bunch of exciting singles with appealing material capturing the same vibe and excitement as the aforementioned artists in their prime. Now signed to the Colorama, label the home of Paul Weller bass player Andy Crofts, Ash is now ready to unwrap his debut long player for an expectant audience.

Starting off with a shortish tune High In Someone Else’s Eyes reveals something on a similar sound impression to Tame Impala, tripped out sequences whilst the sound of different electro keyboards can be heard as a shimmering guitar effect blends in superbly well, this could well be Spacemen 3 collaborating with My Bloody Valentine. The Mess You’ve Made features a heavy bass line the likes of Entwhistle and Foxton used to their advantage, Ash also manages to capture a sweet sound the likes of which the sadly missed Her’s used well with their coloured chord structures.

You Aint Got It Bad has similar overtones from those strange rock sun worshippers Empire Of The Sun whilst a similar sound to cartoon band Gorillaz charming On Melancholy Hill can be heard throughout, First Draft Love Song dabbles in quirky falsetto vocals with charming a Fool On The Hill structure holding up the rear, before Primary Colours reveals a nod towards Mercury Rev with dramatic chord changes before a full on feedback frenzy dissolves the once pleasant opening of the track to obliteration. Lots of absorbing, alluring and likeable things about this album abound, and when thinking of the debuts of Blur, Supergrass and Arctic Monkeys, Daniel J Ash might just be the rising star some have been waiting for.   

Love and Chemicals can be purchased via the following link

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