REVIEW: The Beatles - Abbey Road 50th Anniversary

REVIEW: The Beatles – Abbey Road 50th Anniversary

The Beatles Abbey Road is no doubt one of the all-time great artistically revered masterpieces since it was first released back in the late 60’s. There’s pop, rock, opera, rockabilly, jazz, blues and so much more that the fabs lovingly created to form this rock of a long player. Fast forward 50 years and we have the 50th anniversary release featuring the album remixed and sounding as fresh as a daisy, with a wealth of rare and previously unreleased material now in the offering, this is the last word on this world renowned piece of art.

Starting off with the stop start Come Together, culminating with the delicate elegance of The End, George Martin steering the reigns in the control room, magic and wonderment fills the speakers every time the needle has hit the vinyl. There is nothing to fault. Never has a record that has been created before or since its existence breathed a fresher scent of originality mixed with popularity and likeability, but the fabs comfortably had those genes embedded in their DNA.

Of this set, remixed masterfully by Giles Martin, the work done is satisfyingly the best you will ever hear. Of the rare and unreleased material Come Together (take 5) has John Lennon yelping ‘Look Out’ as he delivers those skilful lyrics. Something (demo) pulls even more heart strings with George Harrisons at times broken voice delivering a vocal straight out of the top draw. Further stand out highlights include Dave Clarke Five attacking drumming by Ringo Starr on Polythene Pam (take 27) and Paul McCartney stands out on Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (takes 1-3/Medley) with his forever enchanting alto vocals washing over the listener.

Yes it is forever exciting to behold the new music that is flooding the market each and every day, but this is one of those albums that you just have to put everything to one side, grab a pew, press play and don’t do anything else for the 47 minutes and 3 seconds of this ahead of its time release.

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