REVIEW: The Prisoners - In From The Cold

REVIEW: The Prisoners – In From The Cold

Coming back into household’s records collection is the formidable release by 80’s organ grinders The Prisoners highly regarded long player In From the Cold re-released on neon red vinyl. The Prisoners are the predecessors to the likes of Corduroy, The Clique and The James Taylor Quartet. Hurtling in to focus from Kent, England this passionate lot of mod, punk, freak beat devotees delivered the goods passionately with their eager enthusiasm for that authentic archive sound.

All you Gotta Do Is Say goes straight into a go-go beat with horns, humming organ and guitar slicing through the track lighting the way before them, Come Closer has a distinctive Get Carter backbeat with harmonies charm you away into rhythmic worlds untold. Mourn My Health has slight similarities to early The Smiths, ‘the whisky’s gone’ laments Graham Day as the band ease their way through the slower groove. 

In From The Cold has an element of early Deep Purple, under water vocals ripples below the surface before a helter skelter organ pulls you from pillar to post until you’re in submission for more. Find and Seek strikes dramatic chords before you are haplessly engaged in more organ shenanigans, this could well be Brian Auger territory, final track The Lesser Evil walks in, literally, before closing the door to deliver a blues riff and an almost 60’s police thriller chime, a charming end to a release straight out of the top draw. 

In From The Cold can be purchased via the following link