REVIEW: Various Artists - Super Sonics album

REVIEW: Various Artists – Super Sonics album

With the rebirth of Menswe@r it’s the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate the period of time they become prominent in the early 90’s with the latest fab release by one of the originators of The Sound Gallery, the legendary Martin Green entitled Super Sonics released via Cherry Red Records on 17th June 2020. Green was part of the Smashing night club that entertained everyone from Blur to These Animal Men, plus I’m sure many of the bands that are featured in this compilation trod the floorboards of said venue.

This 2 CD affair features the likes of Powder, Mantaray, Peepshow, Earl Brutus, The High Fidelity, Duffy and many, many more. The aforementioned Powder get things off with their Elastica/Wire sound, Pimlico bring a bright guitar pop to proceedings sounding like The Lightening Seeds, World Of Leather crawl and creep through the speakers, a dirtier sounding Divine Comedy, Chest delight with their uplifting pop, despite having the track name of Nosebleed the track will only have you reaching for the handkerchiefs to wipe away tears of joy, whilst Heavenly sound like Echobelly, great things I hear you say.

Former Duran Duran and Lilac Time member Stephen Duffy sings about London Girls, Velocette sing Strip Polka with a backbeat straight out of the back pocket of Stereolab, wonderful stuff. Pram delve into the mysterious world of soundtracks and library music with their moog megatastic Chrysalis, Earl Brutus who were the aftermath after World Of Twist imploded sound like a subtle version of Spacemen 3, whilst Gretschen Hofner review Peggy Sue in their own style with Judy Gardland Life. 

All things weighed up this is an interesting delve back in time looking back on bands that didn’t quite get the acclaim their tunes deserved, a time when getting in the NME meant everything and the kids of the day travelled to Merc to get stock up on the latest Farah’s. 

Super Sonics can be pre-ordered via the following link