REVIEW: Warm Digits album review - Flight Of Ideas

REVIEW: Warm Digits album review – Flight Of Ideas

Beaming in direct from the same electronic planet Primal Scream used devilishly on XTRMNR Warm Digits latest offering Flight Of Ideas released via Memphis Industries introduces no dull moments on this Kraftwerk-esque release. Wasting no time to delve the listening into a never-ending pattern of beleric beats opener Frames and Cages does little but computerise your feelings into a mixture of patterns and overflowing musical emotions of joy. Feel The Pain introduces a bouncing bass line plus echoing vocals revolving into a fuzz box of further high points.

I’m Ok, You’re Ok singularly pinpoints a mesmeric beat, something Shoot Speed, Kill Light did so well in capturing any prisoners before letting them go into, both tracks have a liking to each other the former mentioned reaches the sun stunningly. Replication would fit in well with Kevin Parker, psychedelic revolving synths before a Peter Hook sounding bassline reaches the 100mph mark in record speed, some seriously impressive playing here plus the overall song writing is something stunning to behold. 

With similarities to The Orielles is it any wonder they feature on Shake The Wheels Off, which could easier feature as a stand-alone track by the much loved Halifax trio. False Positive chimes along to an almost infectious Devo guitar chord sequence, before jaggedly going back and forwards into Kraut rock episodes. The title track does little to help you catch your breath as a further high energy number delves the listening into a hypnotic fast paced irresistible mix of electro delights. With further guests including Maximo Park Paul Smith, the advice is get your mits on this highly lauded release, which is set to help all in lock down get up and on their feet.

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